How The Auto Industry Can Benefit From Location Intelligence


Competitive Insights

Monitor competitors’ dealerships to get a better idea of consumer foot traffic patterns and loyalty levels. Using consumer foot traffic patterns, we can also measure the loyalty levels of customers to nearby competitors. Our competitive data enriches standard car dealer analytics by providing business owners with insight into their competitors’ performance.

Loyalty Management

Understand relative share of wallet, competitor visits and degrees of loyalty. Based on loyalty ratings, optimize cross-channel user engagement. Identify your consumers who also shop at competitors’ locations. Learn about their brand preferences, travel patterns and loyalty levels.

Consumer Behaviors & Demographics

Understand trends and patterns in consumer behavior such as where consumers shop or socialize most allows you to tailor messaging to their personal interests when they enter a dealership. 

Spend Acquisition

Identify active consumers from other dealerships. Then build targeted marketing campaigns to convert them. Acquisition programs offer an incredibly high ROI.

Dealership Site Selection

Identify the best location to open a car dealership near the right customers. Using demographic data collected from mobile devices, we can help you find an area where your target demographic already spends time shopping and socializing, setting your next dealership up for success.

Partnership Opportunities

 Identify other brands that your consumers interact with to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. By understanding the foot traffic patterns and customer behavior of your target demographic, you’ll also be able to better identify potential brand partnerships. By working with brands that your potential customers already like, you’ll can establish trust quicker with a new audience. 

Look-alike Modeling

Identify and target common behaviors for devices seen at car dealerships. Look-alike data allows you to better understand the behavior of potential customers based on devices that have visited car dealerships. By incorporating audience modeling into your data, you’ll be able to better predict the potential market size. 

How Skyhook Does It

At Skyhook, our location network provides us with access to massive amounts of highly precise mobile device data. Our location data combines first party data gathered via our Skyhook Context and Precision Location with data provided by our trusted partners. This data provides insights into anonymized behaviors of mobile users as they move throughout their day and where they frequently visit and shop. Additionally, Skyhook conducts foot traffic analysis to analyze consumer movement patterns at specific venues or events to extract meaningful market insights. 

This data provides insights into the behaviors of mobile car dealer shoppers as they move throughout their day, including where they frequently visit and shop. Our foot traffic analysis and understanding of consumer movement patterns at specific venues or events, helps us work with car dealerships to transform their overall analytics. 

Skyhook is partnered with common ad identifiers to easily combine with device graphs, CRMs and other 3rd party data sets.


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