How Real Estate Firms Can Benefit From Location Intelligence


Real Estate Investment Analysis

Leverage location data and intelligence to help you make data-driven decisions for real estate site selection. Foot traffic analysis enables your business to see where your target consumers visit most frequently and analyze patterns of movement around specific areas. This data gives you insight into both neighborhood information and foot traffic trends.

Consumer Behaviors & Demographics

Understand trends and patterns in consumer behavior such as where consumers shop and socialize. Incorporating commercial real estate demographics into your real estate market data and analytics set can help you select the right location for a new property. With Skyhook Personas, we can provide you with detailed real estate demographic data for specific locations and insights into consumer behaviors, so you find a location with the right customers nearby.

Competitive Insights

Get help with real estate competitor analysis by monitoring clients competitors’ locations to get a relative sense of consumer foot traffic patterns and loyalty levels. Using consumer data from our Context SDK and trusted partners, we can measure foot traffic patterns and customer loyalty to key competitors. 

Loyalty management

 Better understand relative share of wallet, competitor store visits and degrees of customer loyalty. 

How Skyhook Does It

At Skyhook, our location network provides us with access to massive amounts of highly precise mobile device data. Our location data combines first party data gathered via our Skyhook Context and Precision Location  with data provided by our trusted partners. This data provides insights into anonymized behaviors of mobile users as they move throughout their day and where they frequently visit and shop. Additionally, Skyhook conducts foot traffic analysis to analyze consumer movement patterns at specific venues or events to extract meaningful market insights.

Skyhook leverages common ad identifiers to easily combine with device graphs, CRMs and other 3rd party data sets.


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